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At iStepUp, we call our trainers - Technical consultants. They are IT people, who are from a development background and have great expertise in coding.

iStepUp Technologies Center of Excellence is a training and development institute where we offer customized courses to IT students/graduates on various technologies and topics. We train students in courses such as : IT-Software services where a candidate can choose various programming languages from areas such as static web application development, dynamic web application development, Java Language, portal, web portal etc.

One of the primary vision of our institute is to set the good standard of skills as well as provide development opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career in software development.

Our Standards


A lot of the training institutes may promise a job for you. But at iStepUp, we promise a career. When you understand the difference, you would surely want to enroll with us


Training in our institute, emphasizes on live project exposure, coding exposure and learning on the go. Our technical consultants are hired from an IT industry background, to help students code.

Job Assurance

Number of clients are waiting to hire you, job-seekers. Join our courses today!For students, we can provide internship at our company and a direct employee of our company, if a student is exceptional.

Level And Benchmark

Corporate companies set a level and benchmark for skills. Any person, who has a mismatch with these prerequisites, will fall under the resource quality gap. At istepUp, we recognize such students and mold them to be employable by a corporate and make them adapt to the right skills and technology. We fill the RQG (Resource Quality Gap) for MNCs, by molding our candidates and adapting them to the right technologies.

ROI(Return On Investment)

At iStepUp technologies, we ask the students to take the risk and do it now. A student, who invests time and money in our training center, is assured of an ROI. Our goal is to guide, perceive and inspire students to improve their skills. We assure an ROI of 200% on all our courses. We are the only company that assures a high ROI.

Syllabus vs Logsheet

At iStepUp, after we design the syllabus for the programs, we also have logsheet, where trainers across branches are shared the same curriculum. The trainers have a standard approach and can add examples to the existing syllabus. Logsheet help trainers to follow a structured syllabus and it helps student who would like a transfer or cross check with other trainers